OYO Dynamic and competition-based Pricing

Real-time competition price benchmarking
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Pricing is one of the biggest deciding factors for the end-users. Hence, getting the pricing right is absolutely important for getting more bookings. Our best-in-class Dynamic Pricing Tool automatically updates room prices and promotions and alters display image sequences based on real-time storefront performance data and demand patterns. Because of charging the right price at the right time, OYO USA Patrons have recorded a 26% increase in ADRs on online platforms after partnering with OYO, and from 2019 to 2021, OYO USA ADRs have grown at a 47% higher rate than sub market ADRs in STR

Our dynamic, machine learning-based pricing algorithms take into account various data points relating to the supply and demand for storefronts, seasonality, and local trends to calculate the optimal real-time price for a room and to help our Patrons improve their revenue generation potential. Real-time price adjustment based on competition price changes has delivered up to a 5x increase in revenue from online platforms to OYO Hotel Patrons.

With Dynamic Pricing, our Patrons optimize for REVPAR and not just occupancy or ARR. Enables personalized and real-time decision making, the dynamic pricing tool is accessible through the Co-OYO application.

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SMART Pricing

While our AI-enabled dynamic pricing tools work 24x7 to suggest the right price at the right time, we offer complete control to our Patrons to override that price because we feel that our Patrons know their businesses in the best way. Through the SMART Pricing tool, available on the Co-OYO app, the Patron always has the ability to change the final price as per his/her comfort.

OYO's full stack technology suite equips the Patrons with the right
tool set for revenue growth and operations optimization.

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