OYO Solutions

As customers shift online, merchants are increasingly adopting technology solutions that enable them to capture the online share of wallets while ensuring high operating efficiency.

OYO’s full stack approach and integration with storefronts enables OYO to offer a wider set of offerings integrated in its D2C platform as compared to the other D2C offerings in the market. It provides services across various customer touchpoints, from discovery to support experience, along with benefits of loyalty programmes and referrals, all integrated in a single platform.


OYO’s technology solution empowers patrons across the value chain through its Integrated Full Stack Technology Suite. Our platform provides a one-stop solution, enabling key business functions ranging from digital sign-up and onboarding, revenue management, daily business management and D2C stacks.

Our solutions are packaged in a streamlined, user-friendly interface through our flagship Patron applications, Co-OYO and OYO-OS . By partnering with OYO, our Patrons significantly reduce the need to obtain multiple products and engage multiple vendors for specific operations.


OYO's full Suite technology suite equips the pattrons with the right
tool set for revenue growth abd operations optimization

Just take it from some of them

image CO-OYO app is like a passport to keep with you at all times on your phone. It tells me Today's status at a glance including all bookings, gives detailed revenue trends/earnings and allows me to change pricing on the go! A great toolset to have with me at all times image

Ashok Goyal

OYO Hotel Redwood Falls, Minnesota

image The 2020 pandemic year and into 2021 was great for us with occupancy and revenue wise. I had great support from the OYO team to work on pricing keeping Revpar up. image

Trupal Shah

OYO Inn Kernersville North Carolina

image This is my 5th property that I have signed with 0Y0 and its revenue is up by -80% in the first 6 months! OYO continues to deliver great results on all properties. I have signed my second hotel in Newport with OYO & excited that it will be my son's first property. image

Sazzad Rahman

OYO Waves Hotel Newport, Oregon