Property Management Solutions

Room allocation
Payment processing
Review management
Earnings reconciliation

Our Patrons have access to a real-time snapshot of their business performance, including key business metrics average room rates, booking sources, individual storefront performance, and notifications of any follow-up actions required across all storefronts that they list with us.

Patrons can efficiently manage front office and back-office operations on a single platform. Patrons can also view guest reviews across multiple distribution channels.

  • Distribution Management: Our distribution management solution on OYO OS creates and manages listings on all our direct and indirect demand channels, comprising our mobile applications, websites, call centers, physical walk-ins, corporate and travel agent tie-ups, and third-party OTAs. Our Patrons can monitor their performance and service levels across all demand channels through our OYO OS dashboard, instead of having to utilize multiple platforms to manage individual demand channels.
  • OTA Management: Our OTA management solution automatically uploads Customer storefront reviews and Patron responses from our OYO mobile application or website to all our partner OTA platforms, which improves the visibility of our Patrons’ storefronts, and provides seamless access to channel management, payments, pricing, content, and revenue management functions. In addition, our OYO Wizard loyalty program and “Invite & Earn” referral programs, which are deeply integrated into our D2C stack, facilitate Customer acquisition and retention for Patrons.



OYO OS is an all-in-one, Cloud-based tool that empowers our Patrons to manage their business better. From front desk operations to performance reports, our Patrons can access any property-related details from anywhere and stay on top of their businesses.


A special partnership program to help our Patrons generate more revenue by showcasing key features of their properties across OTAs like Expedia, & Priceline, with sponsored pay-per-click listings.

OYO's full stack technology suite equips the Patrons with the right
tool set for revenue growth and operations optimization.

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