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We aim to increase our Patrons’ revenue generation potential by providing them with access to our large customer base through our D2C channels and indirect channels, coupled with our suite of innovative products. Our deep understanding of online marketing strategies enables us to effectively deploy our market insights and technology across channels, including artificial intelligence and machine learning-based dynamic pricing, optimizing storefront content, reviews, and images, which help to drive better customer conversion rates and yield. Over 90% of OYO Patrons have witnessed a sizable increase in revenue in 6 months after partnering with OYO.

We help our Patrons take better control of their revenue and optimize all the opportunities for revenue maximization. Our talented in-house teams work relentlessly to monitor, manage and drive the OTA performance of our Patrons. The team covers all aspects of the OTA management, ranging from listing our patrons on the 10+ major and long tail OTA channels at negotiated OTA commissions to optimizing for content and price in order to drive ranking and REVPAR. OYO Patrons have recorded a 4.6x increase in revenue after partnering with OYO.

In times of uncertainty, when most of the hotels were struggling to operate, we stood firm with our Patron community and supported them to continue to operate by taking timely measures and introducing new channels of demand. We listened to our Patrons and developed the technology that helped them succeed! OYO USA outperformed the market in 21 out of 24 months, with respect to the STR index, in 2020 and 2021.

Our OTA Powerplay and AdCentral products are subscription-only, add-on solutions that enable our Patrons to boost storefront visibility on certain OTA channels in exchange for additional commissions.

RevTech tools like OYO's Revenue Health Scorecard help our Patrons in analyzing any strengths and weaknesses in their revenue health by giving them an objective view of their performance.


OTA Powerplay

With the OTA Powerplay, opt-in Patrons will get a boost in their properties’ ranking on the OTA channels thereby providing visibility to more guests, resulting in more booking which leads to more revenue.

Ad Central

A special partnership program to help our Patrons generate more revenue by showcasing key features of their properties across OTAs like Expedia, Booking.com & Priceline, with sponsored pay-per-click listings.

OYO Discover

A 100% opt-in program intended to help our Patrons acquire new customers for the property giving an additional business of up to 17% in 6 months. Active on the OYO app, this program helps our Patrons in driving revenue through a daily low commission channel, the OYO direct channel.

OYO's full stack technology suite equips the Patrons with the right
tool set for revenue growth and operations optimization.

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