Seamless Guest Experience

We engage with Customers along every step of their hospitality journey, which we believe drives platform engagement and loyalty from our Customer base.

Seamless booking
Pre-Stay assistance
Digital check-ins
In-stay services
Post-stay services

We cater to a wide range of Customers, ranging from millennials, corporates, families and small and medium businesses.

We believe that our Customers choose to engage with us primarily because:

Our wide selection of storefronts provides our Customers with a range of accommodation options within a particular area, enabling our Customers to stay closer to where they need to be, whether it is near family, a business location, a hospital or a specific site of interest.

Our Customers enjoy high-quality experiences at value-for-money prices. We help our Patrons price their offerings competitively compared with other budget hotels with similar ratings in the same area. In addition, our Customers can easily enroll in our loyalty program, OYO Wizard, and gain access to exclusive member rates, as well as collect loyalty points with every stay.

We believe that our brand perception is aligned with the consistent and high-quality experiences offered to Customers. We have implemented various initiatives to provide our Customers with safer and more reliable stays, such as our "Sanitised Stays" and "Vaccinaid" search filters and our introduction of contactless check-ins. In addition, storefronts are assessed monthly based on our quality and control framework, which takes into account constant availability of rooms, consistent Customer experience and compliance with our standard operating procedures. Storefronts that do not meet our minimum standards are temporarily or permanently delisted from our platform.

Our D2C platform allows our Customers to seamlessly discover and book storefronts suited to their personal preferences at affordable prices. We provide Customers with access to various digital tools on our D2C platform, with the aim of providing a superior end-to-end experience. Our simplified user interface enables Customers to make a booking in three steps — search, select, book.

We are focused on delivering a hassle-free experience to our Customers. During their stay, Customers can access and manage various in-room hotel services through our mobile application, including receiving live status updates of housekeeping services and food and beverage orders. Our Customers have continuous access to real-time support before, during and after their stay, through our proprietary Customer support platform, Yo! Help.

OYO's full stack technology suite equips the pattrons with the right
tool set for revenue growth abd operations optimization

Just take it from some of them

image Co-OYO app is like a passport to keep with you at all times on your phone. It tells me Today's status at a glance including all bookings, gives detailed revenue trends/earnings and allows me to change pricing on the go! A great toolset to have with me at all times image

Ashok Goyal

OYO Hotel Redwood Falls, Minnesota

image The 2020 pandemic year and into 2021 was great for us with occupancy and revenue wise. I had great support from the OYO team to work on pricing keeping Revpar up. image

Trupal Shah

OYO Inn Kernersville North Carolina

image This is my 5th property that I have signed with OYO and its revenue is up by -80% in the first 6 months! OYO continues to deliver great results on all properties. I have signed my second hotel in Newport with OYO & excited that it will be my son's first property. image

Sazzad Rahman

OYO Waves Hotel Newport, Oregon