Why Choose

At OYO, we root for our Patron’s progress.
Because when they progress well,
so do we.

OYO Patrons have recorded a 4.6x increase in revenue from online platforms after partnering with OYO

24x7 price adjustments based on market demand and competition price movements have increased ADRs for OYO Patrons by 26%

From 2019 to 2021, OYO USA ADRs have grown at a 47% higher rate than sub-market market ADRs in STR

Demand Generation & Distribution

We help Patrons by listing them on 10+ major & longtail OTA channels, along with the OYO direct channel. Minus the hassle of managing it.

Revenue Maximization

We decode OTA algorithms, optimize the content on multiple channels, improve online discovery, and ensure our Patrons have the best ranking online. So, the increased online impressions translate into actual bookings and more revenues.

Dynamic and Automated Pricing

The dynamic and automated composite pricing tool allows Patrons to adjust the prices of their rooms based on demand in the marketplace while benchmarking competition prices thereby maximizing REVPAR.


We support our Patrons in all big and small tasks by equipping them with our innovative tech tools, resulting in saving hours of their time. They use this time to improve and grow their business rather than spend it all on managing day-to-day operations

Property Management System

We offer a full-stack tech suite for our Patrons to stay on top of their business anytime, anywhere. From front desk operations and housekeeping, to online reputation management & payment processing, our OYO OS has got them covered.

Co-Oyo App

Our CO-OYO super app, gives our Patron the power to manage a hotel wherever they are. Even when patrons are away from their properties, all it takes is just a click of a button to check & handle their inventory so that they can sell the rooms and avoid losing money.

Daily Payouts

Joining OYO will never come at the cost of restricted cash flow. We’ve partnered with Stripe POS so our Patrons can enjoy daily payouts.

24x7 FREE Partnership & Support

We offer 24x7 FREE support to our Patrons, whether it is revenue management, OTA operations, front desk operations, or housekeeping management, we have got our Patrons completely covered.