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With more than 157K storefronts across the globe, we are one of the fastest-growing hotel chains. In the US, we already have 300+ Patrons on board and we are growing every day.









OYO Solutions

OYO’s Full Stack Technology Suite empowers Patrons across the value chain. It is designed to help Patrons maximize their revenue and optimize their time and operations and in turn provide the best experience to their guests.

90% of OYO USA Patrons have recorded a sizable increase in online revenue after partnering with OYO.

“OYO partners across the world share stories of
success and resilience even through the difficult times
our industry has seen in recent times. Over 2700
partners operate more than 1 property with us. I invite
you to join us on this journey, be a part of the OYO
family and experience how OYO’s technology can help
you grow your business further.”

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder and CEO, OYO Hotels & Homes)
  • OYO USA outperformed the market with respect to the STR index even during the darkest times*
  • Over 90% OYO Patrons have recorded an increase in revenue in the first six months after partnering with OYO*
  • OYO USA scored 4.7 out of 5 on Patron Satisfaction in 2021

What Our Clients Say About Us

While we strive for the growth of our Patrons, nothing motivates us more than great results and encouraging words from them. Here's what some of our Patrons have to say about their journey with OYO


At OYO, we understand that each guest is different and has different demands and needs. Taking this into account,
OYO offers a well-rounded selection of hotels with different features and amenities which enables our Patrons to
find the right OYO Brand to fit their market.


Revolutionizing the Industry

Our OYO mobile application was the 3rd most downloaded travel mobile application globally and the most downloaded travel mobile application in Asia in 2020, 6th according to Sensor Tower, and had over 100 million downloads as on March 31, 2021

Product of the Year - The Sammy
Content Management System

YO! Chat - Best Chatbot
DIGIMARCOM Leadership Summit 2021

Design Thinking for Good - VaccinAid
Design & Innovation

YO! Chat - InnTech Awards Winner
Social Impact Technologies by OYO

Transformation of the Year
Excellence in Customer Service